2013 Blogging Year In Review

blogging year in review

Another year of blogging come and gone.

Here’s a quick recap of my blogging year in review just in case you missed anything amazing that might change your life.

The year started off rocky as I tried to make sense of the tragedy in Newtown.

January was also filled with a lot of yummy recipes.  Stuffed Acorn Squash is always a winner.

We finally had a tornado shelter installed and I discovered an easy way to make calzones.

I continued my struggle with Lent.  March was still a little cold so I made a delicious beef stew.

We went to the Medieval Fair and hilarity ensued.  If you’ve never been to one with an eye for the crazy that attends these types of fairs you’re missing out.

I continued my struggle to make sense of Newtown.  Can we be peacemakers?

Life with little boys.  It’s never a dull moment.

A string of destructive tornadoes hit Oklahoma.  But you can’t keep these people down and the outpouring of love was inspiring.

Addison and I did some backyard camping and Adam and I went to Costa Rica.  Fun times had by all.

In July I got super crafty and crated fabric mosaic wall hangings.  We also had a blast at Vacation Bible School.

In August I created a short Vlog as an experiment.

Time to go back to school.  I discovered that decorating tween girl lockers is a thing and it’s nuts.

Back to school crazy continued with the discovery of over the top lunches.  Seriously, this is insane.

I discovered hamburger salad.  My summers will never be the same.

October is always a big month.  This one was even bigger with the addition of a new dog to the family.

Homework as always been a super pain.  This post defines my pain.

In November I went to Bloggy Boot Camp for the second year in a row and tried my hand at upcycleing a sweater.

Last year the Elf post got some good attention.  This year I brought the Elf insanity back.  Advent was more special this year as I tried to focus on the meaning of each candle.

Because Christmas came so soon after the 4th candle of Advent I didn’t get a chance to finish up my Advent devotionals.  Sorry.  The week was a bit hectic.

I have loved continuing my blogging journey and making new friends along the way.  Thank you for following and reading and supporting me.  I have big plans for my little space here in the blogosphere but those plans are dependent on more readers.  If you have enjoyed following my adventures I kindly ask that you tell a friend (or 100) to join in on the fun.  Facebook or Twitter is a really good way to stay connected.

Happy New Year!

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