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The Oklahoma Womans Bloggers are challenging their bloggers to try something new.  Vlogging, or video blogging. This week’s challenge is to share something about yourself that others may not know.  So here ya go…my very first vlog.


Oh, I feel the need to clarify…the school I mention in the vlog…it wasn’t just my mom who sent us there.  It was my parents.  Don’t want to leave my dad out of the equation.

So what do you think?  Vlogging… is it awesome, meh, or snooze-fest?

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  1. Megan Sherrer

    Loving learning more about you! You’re too cute, Stephanie!

  2. kalamitykelli

    How Interesting! I have a friend who attended school on a reservation in the Dakotas and I think that a well-rounded education includes doing something outside of the “normal” public school system. I went to a really “groovy” Catholic school where we didn’t have desks or an ABC grading system! Makes us both more interesting!

      • kalamitykelli

        Yes – the nuns were very hip and the school I went to was a pilot program. no uniforms, no corporal punishment, Sr. Rebecca was WAY ahead of her time! 🙂

  3. Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns}

    First, I love your video bomber! Second, I love your cabinetry, crown molding, plate display…yada,, yada, yada! Leave it to me to notice those things – ha! 🙂 Third, what I like about vlogging is that it really helps people who have never met you in person to get to know you better…hear what you sound like, see you in a more personable way, etc. It makes a blog even more personal. That said, I think a vlog should be used for things that help demonstrate things (a recipe, for example) a tricky tutorial, etc. Obviously, it’s not a medium that should be used all the time (imo)… Still, it was fun to see you talk about yourself and it was interesting that you learned Navajo as a kid — cool! Thanks for sharing and putting yourself out there — video can be kind of scary!!

    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      I completely agree w/ you about vlogs being used for tutorials or demonstration. They would get old otherwise. But I guess they can be fun every now and then.
      I thought you would like the decor. 😉 I love that plate display b/c I got the frame and two of the plates at a garage sale. The 3rd plate I went all the way to Oxford for.

  4. timethief

    Good for you for accepting the challenge and publishing your first vlog. I’m Canadian who was raised in three different American states, three different Canadian provinces and two northern territories, so I’m no stranger to cultural diversity. As a child I could speak a smattering of several native languages including those of the Coast Salish peoples of the Northwest Coast and also the languages of the people of southwest Yukon and North West Territories and the three prairie provinces. Sadly, I have lost that learning now.

    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      Wow, you certainly had a lot of exposure to different cultures growing up. I feel like those experiences help define who we are and we can use them for our benefit.

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