Medieval Fair Recap

Medieval Fair was this weekend and I have three things to say about it.  I. Love. It.

Whenever you tell someone you’re going to the Medieval Fair the first thing they say is “ohhhhh, good people watching.”  Exactly.  It’s a freak show and I love it.  I love how people come up with the most random costumes, many of which have nothing to do with the actual medieval period.  I don’t know if gypsies, pirates, mermaids, fairies or belly dancers have anything to do with the middle ages but I don’t care.  It’s one of two times a year that you can let your freak flag fly and I say, yes.  Let it fly.

In case you didn’t know, one of my favorite Medieval Fair challenges is getting as many pictures of extreme cleavage and crazy costumes as I can.  In spite of the jiggly boobies it’s good family fun.  Dear Husband, BFF and I took the boys through a wonderland of archery, camel rides, jousting shows, ye olde tilt-a-whirl and mermaids.




Medieval Fair Jousting


Medieval Fair camel

Medieval Fair swing

Now on to the challenge.  I’ll admit right now that I missed a lot of photo ops.  If the subject isn’t walking right toward me, it’s difficult to get a good shot without being obvious.  However, the belly dancers and mermaids made it easy to get extra points.

Renaissance cleavage

Archery wench.

Renaissance cleavageKilts were a really popular theme.  I especially enjoy the biker jacket/kilt combo.

Where's Waldo costumeWhere’s Waldo?  Hanging with some elves from Rivendell.

Renaissance cleavage

Renaissance cleavagePssssst…I’ve got a secret…I’m not really a pirate.

Renaissance Mother Nature

Renaissance cleavageSurprisingly, that guy looks like he is actually keeping his eyes above the chest.

Renaissance cleavage

I hope this gal remembered to bring ye olde sunscreen.

Renaissance mermaidsThese girls were trying their hardest to sound like the mermaids in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire by making high pitched squeaks and dolphin clicks.   Unfortunately for us, they seriously missed the mark and sounded like yappy dogs instead.  As weird as this was my little wizard Harry loved it.  We had to go back 4 times to see “the little mermaid”.

Renaissance mermaidsFor $4 you could get your picture taken and autographed with the merfolk.  How this merman kept his eyes off his partner’s shells and everyone not knowing about it is beyond me.

Renaissance costumeAristocrat Renaissance costume at the Medieval Fair?  Close enough.

Renaissance cleavageYou can’t tell because I’ve blurred out her face, but this woman looks like in everyday life she works at an office, attends the Baptist church and plays bridge on Fridays.  Another reason I love this fair.  Mild mannered women letting their hair down.

Renaissance belly dancersNow for the piece de resistance.  The belly dancers.

Renaissance belly dancerNever in my life have I wanted a jingly coin belt so badly.  Unfortunately, I have the physique of a stick bug and don’t have the jiggle required for successful belly dancing.

Renaissance costumeI’m not exactly sure what is going on here.  Is this a middle ages surgical mask to keep the germs out?  Gas mask?  Oxygen mask to aid in the time travel?  Whatever it is, she is pretty badass.

Renaissance costume

rainbow costume

Renaissance cleavage

Renaissance costume

This girl in blue is the reason I probably won’t indulge my secret Medieval side and dress up.  Skinny girls just don’t look as good in these costumes as the full figured women.  As pretty as her dress is, it’s just not the same with out full curves and buxom chest.  I can only dream.

See ya next year Medieval Fair.

9 Responses

  1. Bridget Todd

    I think that might be a blessing that you don’t have the jiggle around the middle.

  2. Judy Cain

    No more rainbows with gold lamé ruffles, please!!! And I know your BFF was gratefully holding Harry; otherwise, her hands would have had serious challenges with the “tights” in front of her. Just sayin’! Boys. in. Tights.

  3. coachdaddyblogger

    Back in the day, they used to have Kissing Wenches, pairs of women who would happen upon a lucky man and cover all of his exposed skin with lipstick-marked kisses. I was a teenager when this happened to me.

    I wish tickets weren’t so expensive – my girls would love this!

  4. peggylchambers

    I won’t be dressing up for this as a belly dancer or mermaid but it would be fun to go someday. I’m sure I couldn’t get the hubby out for it though.

  5. RIFAT

    I like your blog, thanks for sharing. I love this information you shared with us. I am waiting for your next post. Keep it up.

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