On Camping and Unplugging

Last weekend was one of those very rare weekends when there weren’t any hard and fast commitments on the calendar for anyone in our family. Yes, there were things we could have done or participated in but there wasn’t anything … Continued

The Epic Road Trip of 2017- Part 3 – Minneapolis

For the final leg of our Epic Road Trip (see the first part here and the second part here) we left the Black Hills and headed across the state to Minnesota. Dear Husband has a cousin that lives in Minneapolis … Continued

The Epic Road Trip of 2017 – Part Two – The Black Hills

Previously on The Epic Road Trip of 2017, the Clintons turned a thirteen hour drive from Oklahoma to South Dakota into a whirlwind tour of interesting and off-the-beaten-path sights. Once we reached our first, major, destination (The Black Hills of … Continued

The Epic Road Trip of 2017 – Part One

We just returned from a ten day family road trip covering seven states with four of those states having overnights in them. We started in Oklahoma then made our way to Nebraska by way of Kansas. This all started a … Continued

Elephant Sanctuary in Hugo Oklahoma

STOP…BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER, READ THIS! This is not the Endangered Ark Elephant Sanctuary website. You won’t find time, cost, or tour information here. This is simply my experience at this wonderful place. You would be surprised at how … Continued