Life with little boys, episode 892

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This week I was folding laundry.  Surprised? Yeah, me too.  Anyway, I was folding Addison’s sheets and came across this on his pillow case…

Pottery Barn Constellation sheets

What the HECK?!?  Oh, for the love of Pottery Barn.  What in the world would posses an 8 year old to write the word poop on his pillow case with a Sharpie?  What was he possibly thinking?!  I’ll tell you what he was thinking…NOTHING.  Coherent thought does not pass through their heads when they do dumb shit like this.  The same lack of thought process was in play when this happened a few weeks back…

Target pants

Yup, that’s a smily face.  On the crotch of his pants.  In marker.  It won’t wash out.  When confronted he had no excuse other than it was done in dry erase marker.  This was his first lesson in dry erase physics in which the only surface that will actually wipe clean from one’s art work is a dry erase board.

ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG.  Boys.  Why must it always be about poop?

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  1. crazymom1386

    My son was so proud he learned how to spell poop the other day. I had to look at him and say that’s great sweat heart but can we please move on to a less gross topic lol.

  2. Mary Duenkel

    Well, next it will be “fart”! LOL. That’s just boys!!! We were so disgusted when our grandsons would talk about their farts!!!! , as we raised two girls.

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