Backyard Camping

There was a time in our lives when Dear Husband and I enjoyed camping.  We acquired all sorts of cool camping gear and secretly admired ourselves in our REI backpacks and hiking boots.

Then we moved to Oklahoma were it is a thousand degrees during the summer.  Any one who willingly goes camping in the summer heat is just not right in the head.  We took Addison camping one spring to Lake of the Arbuckles but Dear Husband’s allergies got the best of him.  Oh, that’s another thing about living in Oklahoma…allergy season is a real bitch.  We haven’t been since.

This week Dear Husband dusted off the tent and Addison and I had a little back yard adventure.  The high was only 81 that day and it promised to get down to the high 60s that night so we thought this would be our chance to get some tent time in before the summer really heated up.

backyard camping

backyard camping

backyard camping

How cute is this kid?  His camping supplies included his Mr. Happy pillow, lantern and Harry Potter.  We made up constellations, looked for fireflies, and read Harry Potter by flash light.

backyard camping

backyard camping

I’d like to say that I slept great, but I didn’t.  It was hot and I dreamt about lying awake in the tent.  Then I dreamt that there were strange men in our back yard looking into our tent.  In my dream I rattled off a string of expletives while I dialed 911.  Don’t mess with this mama bear because I can make your ears burn while I prepare to turn my car keys into a weapon if I think my baby bears are in danger.  While I’m outside dreaming of ways to take down the big bad wolf, Dear Husband was inside with Harry dreaming that a bobcat was in our back yard.  It wasn’t the most restful night.

Around 5:15 am Addison and I couldn’t take the heat any longer and headed inside for an hour of air conditioned sleep.

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  1. Tanja Walker

    Sounds like quite an adventure none-the-less! I remember the only tent camping I ever did as a kid was in the neighbor’s backyard. I’d be there with three other girls telling ghost stories and running in the house for more supplies–chips, cookies, etc–all night. Um, are you supposed to SLEEP in a tent?

  2. ksbeth

    memorable at least ) when my sisters and i and our friends used to sleep out, we’d get freaked out and run inside at some point, almost without fail. sleep never happened until we were back in the house

  3. Chris Carter

    I seriously would have been in the ac about 8 hours sooner!! HA! Good for you for sticking it out! SO sweet you did this… but why oh why did Dear Hubs get to sleep in the ac? Hmm… “allergies”? lol 😉

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