Fabric Mosaic

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fabric mosaic

A couple of weeks ago Addison was at art class at Scissortail School of Art.  One day I picked him up and saw an amazing  project that some of the students had worked on.  From far away it looked like a crazy quilt but upon closer inspection it was more of a mosaic of scraps of fabric.  Teacher Lindsey told me that it was simply fabric glued onto canvas.  She drew a large swirl design on a canvas drop cloth, wrote the color that she wanted in each section and then had the kids glue scraps of fabric in the correct color pattern.  It was beautiful.

I was inspired and took myself to Hobby Lobby for a blank canvas.  While I was there I swung by the fabric section and found the remnant section meant for quilters.  I bought a pack of coordinating fabric scraps, a large bottle of Elmers and headed home.

Because I think someday I will become an amazing seamstress (I’m hoping that the talent will manifest itself in my next life) I have all sorts of fabric tucked away.  I spent about an hour cutting fabric into squares of various sizes.

The biggest decision is trying to decide what pattern to create.  I settled on an owl because 1) they are fairly simple to draw 2) they are popular right now and  3) I’ve always loved the mechanical owl, Bubo, in Clash of the Titans.  I drew my owl on the canvas and started glueing.  I was done in one afternoon!  I love it when a project takes me less time than anticipated.  Very satisfying.

This was so simple and fun everybody should do this!  If you do, send me pics and I’ll post them on my FB site (which you should “like” by the way)

fabric mosaic owl

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  1. Kathryn

    looks like fun…but what about fraying edges? not meant to last that long? 🙂

  2. MinivanMomma

    This is darling! I wish I could do stuff like this–one of these days I’ll have to tell you about the way my craft projects turn out.

  3. Brandi Barnett

    Such a fun idea! When I was in the second grade, we did a similar project with torn up magazines. I hung it in my kids’ bathroom. Perhaps it’s time to break out the fabric or magazines and let them create their own masterpiece. Thanks!

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