Asparagus Jello

asparagus jello

Righ now you may be saying…wait, what? Asparagus jello? Why?

I’ll tell you why. 

Because I love all things that come in a mold. Even asparagus. Almost.

BFF and I had so much fun making Wiener Hamburgers that we wanted to continue making strange recipes we found in old cookbooks. We flipped through my grandmother’s recipe book and found several recipes that required jello or gelatin. 

There were two, TWO, recipes for asparagus jello. It was like my sweet grandmother was calling to me from the beyond saying that I needed to fulfill my destiny by making green jello with crunchy bits in it. The thing I find most interesting about this asparagus jello (besides the fact that it looked like a green brain) is that the only asparagus found in the recipe are the mushy bits of asparagus in the cream of asparagus soup. Yuck.

asparagus jello

The recipe typed in the book actually calls it Asparagus Aspic. However, I’m sticking with asparagus jello because 1) aspic is actually made by boiling down some sort of animal hoves to get the gelatinous consistency and this recipe does not do that. 2) it calls for lime jello. 

I’m not going to go to the trouble to write out all the ingredients as I don’t think the first thing you will do after reading this and watching the video is run out to the store to purchase the ingredients needed to make this green treat. If you really want to see the ingredient list, you can pop on over to my Instagram where you will see a beautifully filtered picture of the well-loved and often referred to page from my grandmother’s book.

We hope you enjoy this strange creation. If you do, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Christine and I have lots of fun stuff planned that you won’t want to miss.

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  1. Jayna Coppedge

    A recipe for your Halloween or April Fool’s Day gathering.

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