Announcing Recipe Archaeology

Recipe Archaeology

You may have noticed a few crazy recipe videos that BFF and I have put on YouTube lately. In case you’re wondering, yes, we are that silly.

It all started out with us flipping through old cookbooks that each of us has collected and laughing over the names and ingredients. We joked about how much fun it would be to make some of the recipes. Months went by and then one day we decided to actually make some of them. Since we were going to the trouble to make weird recipes like asparagus jello, we figured we should capture the entire process on video for all of our friends to enjoy.

One recipe quickly turned into several recipes after our video was met with high praise from our friends.

We put a plan in place, we polled FB on name choices, a YouTube channel was created and Recipe Archaeology was born.

In the spirit of transparency and honesty, I’m going to be absolutely open regarding this crazy endevour…we want it to become an actual thing. We want a lot of people to watch and enjoy the videos. We want people to share them. We want viewers to look forward to new episodes of Recipe Archaeology. We want people to learn how to spell archaeology. We want brands clamoring for us to use their product.

We have searched YouTube for something similar and have found it to be lacking. There are people out there making gross and old fashioned recipes but not as a duo and not having nearly as much fun.

The internet needs more positive and fun videos as we edge closer to November. My news feed is getting bogged down with negativity so instead of searching for good news and laughter, I’m going to create it.

I hope you enjoy our latest video, Hawaiian Ham Balls. I really hope you subscribe to our YouTube channel and if you find it enjoyable, share it with your friends.

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