Why I Took My 12 Year Old Son To The Woman’s March

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Recycle, vote and love your spouse. Years down the road, after raising two boys, if these three things are a part of their life, I call that a parenting win. Sometimes I say those three things jokingly when parenting is … Continued

I’m About To Get Up by Julie Hunt book Review

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  I met Julie Hunt through an online writing group called Hope Writers. I attended their writing workshop last November and by chance, Julie and I were roommates. When we first started corresponding about logistics the workshop I had no … Continued

Cold Weather Survival Guide: Favorite Things You’ll Love

I’m pretty cold natured. Okay, really cold natured. While I enjoy the change in seasons and snuggling up with hot cocoa and flannel shirts, I hate being cold…and don’t tell me I need more meat on my bones. Since the … Continued

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