Mid-Summer Night’s Fun

One of the things I love about Norman are the artsy-fartsy offerings and the abundance of festivals and fairs.  A couple of weeks ago the two joined together to create the perfect combo.  Mid-Summer Night’s Fair put on by the Firehouse Art Center.

I love this fair because:

1) It’s at night so you can escape the heat (if you call 89 degrees at 9:00 p.m. an escape then you must live where the triple digit temps have been setting a record).

2) It’s only one night. Short and sweet so it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

3) There are serious artists as well as not-so-serious artists displaying their wares so if you want to buy something you can probably find something great for a reasonable price.

4) There are hippies.  Believe it or not Norman has a nice little community of hippies.  Gotta love that.

5) There is live music.

All of those things have the makings for a fun night out.

Normally I like to get the kids to bed on time so they won’t be too grouchy and so that Dear Husband and I can have some alone time.  This was one of those nights where we said to hell with bed time.

No Norman festival would be complete without some sort of carnival food type offerings.

Snow Cone?  Yes, please.  $4.00?  What the hell.  It’s my motto for the evening.

I hope you enjoy every last bit of that $4.00 sugary goodness.

The Firehouse Art Center had table set up and were handing out clay (for free!) so budding artists could make their own little clay creations.  They promised to glaze and fire them then display them in their little gallery.  It was supposed to be just for kids but I made one under the guise of helping Addison.  He did fine on his own but I wanted to join in on the fun.

Can you tell what we made?  If you guessed an upside down jellyfish and a scorpion then you are correct!

There was some great art on display, beautiful jewelry and crafts but the thing that caught my eye were these quirky little dolls.

How cute is that?!  We had spent all of our money on the snow cone or I might have come home with one.  At first I thought Harry would like the little zipper mouthed monsters but in hindsight it’s probably better that I didn’t.  Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to see that deranged face staring at you?  Plus, you’re in a crib so there is no escape.  I probably saved him from some sort of doll trauma by not getting one.  But I still think they are really cute.

We hung out with friends, made a craft, and didn’t get home until almost 11:00!  All in all a good evening.

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  1. mazemangriot

    I love summer arts festivals also. I really like the message story behind your blog. I’m a mr mom and to struggle to define who I am besides “butt wiping” daddy. Its definitely a challenge but I can say art has been a great release for me. Thanks for sharing.

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