Hello, my name is Procrastination

I have a lovely friend who has twin girls. About a week or so ago these sweet girls turned one. OVER a year ago I had the brilliant idea to make each one of them a tag blanket. A tag blanket (or tag rag) is a super cute and easy project that anyone with even the tiniest amount of sewing experience (that’s me) can whip out in an hour or so. These sweet girls turned one and my tag blankets had yet to be completed.

As I said, I started the project and got interrupted (by what I have no clue) and never finished. Tuesday was going to be the day to turn this unfinished project into a birthday present. This is where I found my half finished project: underneath three pairs of sweatpants, two golf shirts that Dear Husband can’t decide if they fit right or not, three pairs of Addison’s pants that have a hole in the knee and need to be stitched up, scraps of felt from a project I finished months ago, a package of Steam and Seam from said felt project, a package of interfacing used in last year’s Halloween costume, a package of baby wipes, two yellow star buttons, 6 linen napkins that need to be ironed, a tag blanket lovingly made by one of Addison’s great aunts when he was a baby and a zip lock bag of scrap ribbon…cuz you never know when you are going to need scrap ribbon in a rainbow of colors.

Okay, here we go. I assembled one of the blankets and was ready for the sewing machine when I realized it was noon and I was hungry. On my way to the kitchen the unmade bed reminded me that yesterday was change-the-sheets-on-everyone’s-bed day and I somehow let that slip. Being the good housewife that I am I changed the sheets and made the bed. Mind as well start the washer…this means changing out the laundry and taking clothes out of the dryer. Wanna take any bets on how long that laundry is going to sit in that basket? Enjoying reheated leftovers is the prefect time to look at Facebook and obsess over your blog stats.

Back to the task at hand. I got halfway through assembling the second blanket when Dear Husband came home for lunch. That is always a highlight of my day so I have to stop what I’m doing to hang out with him. Just about the time Dear Husband went back to work and I was ready to settle into finishing what I started when Harry woke up from his nap.

Harry has a clean diaper and is fed, now it’s time to sew. Finally! The sewing portion of this project only takes about 20 minutes. A more experienced seamstress would have it done in 10.

The sewing machine is in the play room. Here is Harry “helping” me.

Done and done. Better late than never I guess.

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  1. Lena

    And they were well worth the wait! The girls LOVE them! In their entire year of life they have yet to find that little something they drag around everywhere they go…these just may be it! Oh, I love the initials…anything to help decipher which belongs to which is a winner in my book. Thank you so much for thinking of the girls back when they were born AND on their birthday!

  2. Mellany

    Ha! I think I still have a hooded towel all pinned together for Addison that I never finished…

  3. Mary Ann

    They look adorable. Is the rest of the pile of unfinished work still sittin there?

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