Angry Birds Mighty Dragon project

Guess who likes Angry Birds?  Everybody and their dog, that’s who.  Addison loves to play A.B. on my phone, on the iPad, in real life and he likes to watch it on You Tube.  Recently he found this video of a kid (actually it looks like the kid’s parent) making the Mighty Dragon out of model clay.


Guess what we get to do?  Let me rephrase that…Guess what I get to do?!

Addison showed me this little video about three thousand times before during and after the project.  Here’s how it went for us.


Tin Foil
Model clay: 4 orange, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 white, 1 black
rolling pin

I did all of the work as this project was a little too advanced for his little 7 year old hands.  He probably could have given it a go and tried to sculpt it himself but we both knew in our hearts that it would end in frustration and tears.  We decided to bypass the frustration and let mommy handle the sculpting.  However, we talked about taking a clay model class at the art center this summer.  Addison was my cheerleader.  He was there every step of the way offering me encouragement and telling me how great I was doing.  He’s a sweetie.

My poor little dragon was so top heavy that I couldn’t get him to stay upright.  I finally twisted and turned him enough so that his huge head was balanced with his tiny body.

I have no idea how the person in the video made their dragon look so smooth.  My tin foil base was very bumpy and despite multiple layers of orange clay he looked like he was suffering from elephant man syndrome.

At this point he looks more like a Meek Dragon instead of a Mighty Dragon with those eyebrows.

Here he is…ready for the oven.  275 degrees for 20 minutes does the trick.

Okay, so it’s not perfect.  But despite the fact that I didn’t get his horns right, one tooth should be pointing up and he still doesn’t look very scary Addison was very pleased with him.

I see a lot more model clay Angry Birds in our future.

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