Why I love Norman

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The following is my submission for a “Why I Love Norman” contest sponsored by Native Roots Market and Well Maid OKC. The winner receives a free house cleaning. (The house needs a deep cleanin’ in a bad way)

I love that I can send my kids to public school and feel good about it.

I love that on any given weekend during the spring, summer and fall I can find all sorts of family friendly, festival type things to do. Take April 30th for example. There were no less than 10 festival type events happening in the same day. Anyone who says there is nothing to do here is the type of person who won’t be happy no matter where they live.

I love that there are world-class museums.

I love that everyday I see Obama/Biden bumper stickers in the middle of a red state.

I love that in addition to all the chains, there are restaurants, cafes and bars you won’t find any place else. Cool, trendy, quirky, healthy, greasy, homey…you name it.

I love that I can shop at the Farm Market twice a week if I want to (although I hardly ever get there).

I love that there are all sorts of artsy-fartsy things to do.

I love the unique shopping. Expensive, inexpensive, trendy, vintage, second hand…I love all of it.

I love that there are places like Native Roots. Places like this where I can get local produce, organic beef, spices by the measurement instead of an entire jar, specialty cheese for when I’m feeling snooty and in the mood for stinky cheese.

I love that whether you’re a raging liberal or uber-conservative you can find a place of worship.

I love that in the fall the entire state of Oklahoma (or what feels like it) comes to worship at Gaylord-Memorial Stadium.

I love that a majority of the other citizens are just as fiercely in love with this town as I am.

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  1. Megan Sherrer

    I love Norman too…and this post is why I love you :). You deserve a deep house cleaning!!!

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