Happy Birthday Dad

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This past weekend we went to visit my parents for my Dad’s birthday.  My mom usually plans a “men’s breakfast” for his birthday (similar to my girls birthday lunch).  Since we were visiting this year Dear Husband got to sit in on all the manly talk and I got to help my mom prepare breakfast.


Eggs Benedict w/ hash browns and bacon
Puffed Pancake with apricot sauce

birthday breakfast

puffed pancake

birthday pancake

Not long after this picture, Harry was jumping on the couch, fell off and busted his bottom lip.  Now he has a big ‘ol fat lip and a nice sized cut under his lip.  It’s pretty pitiful looking but all part of childhood.

Happy birthday Dad!

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  1. Queen Willow

    Looks like your family had a great time, other than the busted lip. Nice to see stuff like that when your sorrounded by world news all the time

  2. Margi

    Can you let your mom know my birthday is in September : ) She is so wonderful … that meal looks fabulous!! Do tell how to make the puffed pancake; my crew would go for it big time. Miss you!!

  3. Chris Carter

    OMGOSH that looks amazing!!! I mean, seriously now I see where you get all this good cooking from! I would be sending my dad out to Sunny Side Up cafe or nuking (sp?) some frozen pancakes or something… and that house looks SO COOL! I want that kitchen table with the beautiful view. I do I do I do.

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