Pioneer Woman book signing

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Last weekend BFF and I went to OKC for the Pioneer Woman’s book signing.  We decided to make a day of it w/ breakfast and shopping all with the intention of getting our cookbook signed and being home well before dinner time.

Our first stop was the bookstore to see if it was a first-come-first-served situation or if they were doing tickets for a place in line.  It was tickets.  We got into group 8.  There are 50 people in a group.  You do the math.

With ticket in hand we were off to breakfast at a German bakery then shopping at Anthropology.  I love l-o-v-e love Anthropology clothes but not enough to pay full price.  Even their sale items were out of my price range.  However, I did come away with a cute little summer top with a ping-pong paddle print fabric.  I justified the purchase by telling myself that I’m going to wear that top until it’s threadbare this summer.

Back to the bookstore for P-Dub’s presentation.  She got there about 1:00 and did a little slide show presentation of the history of her blog, cookbooks and when she started appearing on t.v.  It was very cute. She is a much better public speaker than she gives herself credit for and MUCH better in person than on camera.  She admits that she has a lot to learn when it comes to conversing with the camera.

After the slide show we hopped across the street to the mall.  We decided to just hit Dillards and then check back at the bookstore to see how the line was moving.  We sat around waiting for the line to move an inch.  We talked about everything and nothing.  We ate a late lunch of fried pickles and fried swiss cheese.  I kept checking in with Dear Husband to see how he and the boys were faring on their own.  Around 5:00 I texted him to say that I would not be home for dinner, that I was very sorry and to cook some pasta.  They went to Raisen’ Canes.  It’s our go-to meal.

Around 6:00 it was time to get in line!  By 6:30 we were at the front of the line and in her presence.  We were numbers 434 and 435 in line (approximately) and there were 328 people in line behind us (approximately).  She had a smile on her face the whole time and looked as fresh as a daisy.  No one could tell she had been sitting there for 4 hours signing book after book and would be there for another 4 hours.  When it was my turn I clammed up and couldn’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t make me sound like a hick or an idiot.  She kept complimenting my earrings and all I could do was smile and say thank you while drool dripped down my slack-jawed chin on to the open cookbook.  She asked where we were from and I muttered Norman and something about how I saw her last year when she was there at the Hastings book signing.  Then I started pawing her beautiful red hair and asked her if she would be my best friend forever as I was kicking my current BFF to the curb (not really, Christine.  You will always by my BFF).  I’m sure she made a mental note to steer clear of Norman lest the crazed 30-somethings capsize her boat.

My one word of advice if you ever go to a P.W. book signing.  Go with someone who you really love.  You will be locked into an all-day affair and if you start running out of things to talk about it can go south really quickly.  Thankfully, BFF and I never run out of things to talk about.

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  1. Christine

    Things I discovered at the book signing.
    A: P-Dub does have gorgeous hair, but so do you!
    B: If standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces, do not, under any circumstance wear TOMS wedges. (I will probably ignore this point, seeing as I always choose the shoe over comfort.)
    C: When experiencing low blood sugar, always turn to fried food.
    D: Nothing is better than a day out with your BFF!

  2. Kathryn

    so i hear she’s doing a children’s book reading at the zoo later this month…think anyone will show up? 🙂 jealous!

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