Movie Night Silliness

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Friday night we went to the movies. I’m not going to tell you about what movie we saw (Bridesmaids, very funny) but what we saw in the lobby.

A while back I shared with you one of two possible situations in which extreme cleavage combined with crazy costumes is acceptable. The movie theater is NOT one of those places.

Pirates opened that night and fans of the Medieval Fair found another reason to dust off their costumes. I saw the most amazing boob shelf I’ve ever seen come through the door. I’m not kidding when I say I was waiting for one or both of the girls to pop right out and say hello. She went into the bathroom and Dear Husband and I casually hung out outside the bathrooms waiting for our friends but really waiting for this…

These pics don’t do it justice. But I was trying to be conspicuous while getting pics of this pirate family.

Arrrrggggg…she be a fine lookin’ wench.

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