Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is right around the corner.  Time to get your hunt on!

This past weekend we were at my parents and my mom and I had an Easter egg hunt.  She did most of the work by buying all of the crafts, games and prizes.  My job was to wrangle kids and move them from one activity to the next.

Thankfully the weather cooporated.  We set up two tables outside.  One for dying eggs and one for crafts.

After crafts it was time for games.  We had a ring toss and a bean bag toss.  BTW- all the crafts and games were purchased at Oriental Trading.  I was surprised at how much they loved these super simple games.  Maybe it was because everybody got a prize no matter what.

After games it was time for the main event.  The hunt.  I’m not gonna lie…my mom had over 400 plastic eggs filled with jelly beans.  They have a big yard.  They don’t kid around when it comes to Easter egg hunts.

We let the kids loose and we’re pretty sure they found all of them.

(tiny bit of trivia – this gazebo is the very same one where Dear Husband and I said our “I do’s” almost 12 years ago)

Just because the all the eggs had been found didn’t mean the fun was over.  Pinata time.  All the kids lined up and took a swing.  Miracle of miracles the very last kid to take a swing cracked that thing open.

After the mad scramble for pinata candy it was time for cupcake, punch and story time.

The grand finalle was a visit from the Easter Bunny himself.  Actually it was my dad.

See all the adults in background doubled over in laughter?  Well, my dad didn’t have help putting the suit on and in his haste put it on backward.  The bunny tail was, um, in front right, um…well you can imagine.  Thankfully he found his error funny too and was glad to give all the adults a good laugh.

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  1. Kathy

    What a grand fun day for the children! Love this post! I’m still laughing!

    I’m still laughing!

    still laughing . . . . .

  2. Christine

    Never met him, but after this, I love your dad. Hilarious.
    What a beautiful day. And such a pretty yard for you all to party!

  3. chris9911

    oh my gosh, is there anything more adorable than watching your little one picking up an Easter egg with their lil’ “paws”? lol. It kills me everytime I see my 3yr old pick up an egg with his little baby hands.

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