Holy Giant Horses!

On our way home from visiting my parents we made two stops.  First, Harry couldn’t take it any more.  He just had to get out, stretch his chubby little legs and most importantly get into a dry diaper.  We stopped at a McD’s in El Reno.  For the record I’m not a big fan of McD’s, I try to steer Addison clear of it but those dang Happy Meal toys and friggin’ huge play structures are every child’s dream. Ugg.  On the other hand I will admit that I do like their McCafe drinks.  I’m not too snooty for that.  I also have to admit that this was one nice Micky D’s.  It has been remodeled to give it that sleek, coffee bar feel w/ flat screen tv’s and free wifi.  Well, well, well El Reno.

After a diaper change, snack, play time and an iced mocha we were back on the road.  Not too far down the interstate is Yukon.  Home of Garth Brooks.  Just as we were passing the Garth Brooks Blvd. exit I remembered the amazing Clydesdale horses and hollered out “Addison, you wanna see giant horses?!”  If you’re ever passing through Yukon on I40 and have the time you must stop to see these horses.  Take the Garth Brooks Blvd. exit, drive north until you can drive no further and you run into a beautiful red barn that is the home to the Express Clydesdale’s.  All are welcome (except on Sundays. I guess the horses go to church or have to spend the day in prayer or something) to wander through the barn and check out these amazing horses.  They also have miniature ponies and a zebra.

These are black and white Clydesdale’s which I learned only occur in 10% of the breed.  Even if you bred two black and whites you are going to get a black and white foal only 10% of the time.  Very interesting.

Here is a side view of their immaculate barn.  The semi off to the right carts them all over the country and Canada for horse type things.

I guess I’ll stop munching for two seconds to check you out. 

These pictures really don’t do these horses justice.  I can’t begin to describe how magnificently huge these animals are.

To give you an idea of how huge this horse is…if I were standing right next to this guy (I’m 5’6″) the top of my head would come up to the horses’ shoulder.  Can you picture it?

Most of the pictures I took are blurry because I was trying to keep a wiggly, 33 pound toddler on my hip.  My left bicep was starting to burn and my other arm was getting a little shaky.

There were two friendly girls there cleaning out the stalls.  One of them kept saying that if I had any questions just ask.  Yes, I do have a question.  Can we see one of the horses up close?  Why sure!

The girl swung the door wide open, went into the stall and slapped this gentle giant on the rump to get him to stick his head out.

Thank you Express Clydesdale for a great afternoon!

  1. Judy

    Awww…good job. You are a great mom and Addison will never forget that! I should do that for myself one day when I need to get away from stupid people who don’t care! Yeah, one of those days.

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