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We just got back from a trip to visit my parents.  I don’t know if anybody out there in bloggy-land has noticed but I have been MIA since St. Patrick’s Day.

Despite the fact that my mom has an iPad, their house is a technology vortex so blogging was out of the question.  I guess I could have posted from the iPad but I didn’t have any fun pics and I left all my deep thoughts at home.  I realized how much I love blogging and really missed it.  I’ve got some fun Easter posts and yummy recipe posts coming up but for now I will just give you a taste of my mom’s hostess abilities.

She had two tables set up and all ready for Easter.  Because you never know when you’re going to need to pop a ham in the oven at the last minute, whip up a batch of deviled eggs and entertain the Sunday school ladies.  That table needs to be ready to go in a moment’s notice.

Eat your heart out Sandra Lee!

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  1. Bridget Todd

    Hey, she can text!!!

    The tables are lovely. We should go there for Easter! What a great yard for a hunt.

  2. Margi

    Ooohhh… that would be such a fun Easter egg hunt. I’m in : )

    Your mom has become part of our Easter traditions. For Easter brunch, I make the banana cream pie recipe she made for us when we visited. It’s a family favorite!

  3. Amber Shull Black

    She is such a great hostess! I remember coming to your house in high school and she served us iced tea with fresh mint from the garden. I felt so special!

    Love the decorations! (My boys would have probably climbed on top of the table to play with the eggs.)

  4. Barb - The Empty Nest Mom

    I love your mom already. A pretty and seasonal table is one of my favorite things in the world. This Easter table is fabulous. I love how she bordered and centered with yellow grass. Even the “kids table.” You come by your creative skills honestly I see.

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