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Today I’m blogging over at Oklahoma Women Bloggers.  Did I mention that I’m taking a role in helping administrate that site and facilitate connections with the women bloggers of Oklahoma? My partner in crime is Mari Farthing.  You may remember her from the Hugs, Kisses and Friends Chat Show we did together about blogging.

Come on over and read my confession about my parenting hack at the dinner table.  


Oklahoma Women Bloggers

It happened again this week.  I had to walk away from the dinner table in frustration.  That day I had planned, shopped and cooked.  I felt good about my week’s dinner menu.  On Monday night I prepared a Mexican rice casserole.  It had beans in it and I knew my 9 year old would turn his nose up at the beans.  The first 3 years of his life I made his dinner and then I made ours.  Then one day I realized how ridiculous and disastrous this habit was becoming.  I made the decision years ago that I would no longer limit my dinner preparations according to his picky desires.  If it were up to him our nightly dinner would rotate between plain pasta, beef tacos, Raising Canes chicken and cheese pizza.  

Read the rest of my parenting hack at Oklahoma Women Bloggers.


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    • Stephanie Clinton

      Thanks! I’m excited to be taking a larger role in this. Bloggers unite!

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