The Perfect Halloween Song

Bat Man and Harry Potter Halloween costumes

It’s finally here! Time to trick or treat!  Halloween is chock full of fantasy and just plain silly-ness that it is on my top two list of favorite holidays.  Every holiday needs a theme song and I have the perfect one for today.  You might be thinking…Thriller.  That’s a really good one but, nope.  Ghostbusters?  Not as good as Thriller so, no.

My favorite Halloween song is Trick or Treat by Justin Roberts.  Yes, he is a musician who writes music for kids…but Raffi he is not.  Justin Roberts writes music that parents can get into.  The music is legit and the words are exactly what you would say if you had to write an album about your childhood.  His early albums were a little more silly and nonsensical but still really good.  The later albums speak from the mind of a 2nd grader and evoke nostalgic memories of your own childhood.  The excitement of sleep over; the terror of getting separated from your mom at the mall and extreme relief when you find each other; the tedium of standing in the outfield in little league; the butterflies of first day of school.  Jungle Gym and Pop Fly are my two favorite albums.

Jungle Gym Justin Roberts

Pop Fly Justin Roberts

One of my favorite songs by far is Trick or Treat.  It captures everything that is awesome about Halloween seen through our children’s eyes.

You can listen to it here.  Scroll through pics of your kids, scroll through pics of my kids, scroll through your Halloween memories.  I promise, this will hit the spot.  You’ll forget about the decay that is currently taking place in your kid’s mouth.


Bob the Builder CostumeBob The Builder 2006

Pablo costumePablo (Backyardigans) 2007

Wall-EWALL-E 2008

Galaxar CostumeGalaxar (Monsters vs. Aliens) 2009

Halloween tiger costume

Elvis costume2010

friendly monster costume

Boba Fett Costume2011

Buzz Lightyear and General GreviousBuzz and General Grievous 2012

Bat Man and Harry Potter Halloween costumes


P.S.  This is NOT a sponsored post.  Justin Roberts has absolutely no idea who I am or about my blog.  When it comes to kid music I just really love this guy.  If he had any clue at my level of admiration he would schedule a tour date in Oklahoma City, post haste.  Sadly, he has not.  I hope you enjoy.

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