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It’s another chat show!  Last time on Hugs, Kisses and Friends, Mari and I talked a lot about blogging in general.

This time we are talking about something specific: connection.  

Making connections in the online world is really important.  Sometimes you hear it as “finding your tribe”.  Oklahoma Women Bloggers is  a great place to make connections.  

Oklahoma Women Bloggers


If you are a blogger in Oklahoma I invite you to check it out.  Visit the Oklahoma Women Bloggers site, register your blog on the directory, join the FB group and start engaging.  Sometimes its hard to put yourself out there but I’ve always found that it pays off.  There are opportunities to feature your photos and writing or be featured as a blogger of the month.  We can’t always stay in our comfort zone.  It’s okay to put a baby toe outside the comfort zone line now and then.  It’s worth it, I promise.

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