Staycation – Day 3 Oklahoma City Zoo

The fun continues.

Today was the day for the Oklahoma City Zoo and Science Museum.  Thank goodness they are right next to each other…what a time saver.  We got to the zoo when it opened.  We thought we might beat the crowds and heat if we got there first thing.  Unfortunately it was already 92 degrees at 9:00 a.m.  Thankfully it is a shady zoo and there was a little breeze.  My main objective was to see the elephants and their new baby.  Oh my gosh.  Is there anything cuter than a baby elephant?

This is a photo from the zoo’s Facebook page.  I couldn’t zoom in to get a good pic.

This is my pic.  Baby Malee was taking a nap under her the protection of mommy Asha’s legs (on the left).  Aunt Chandra is on the right.  It’s so amazing to watch this mama elephant watch over her baby.  She never budged from her watchful stance then when it was time for a drink she gently stroked her baby with her trunk to wake her up.  How amazing to witness a mother’s love and protection in the animal world.

The new elephant enclosure is pretty impressive.  I’m glad we braved the heat.  Speaking of heat…

Thank god we ran across a cart selling zoo mister fans.  Addison just could not make it one step further with out the cool breeze and mist on his face.  He was going to suffer heat stroke and there was just no way he could continue without this mister fan.  Thank goodness the zoo was there with this $6 (after zoo membership discount) fan because we may not have made it out of the zoo alive.

After the elephants we headed over to see the primates and have a snack.  Harry and I spent about 20 minutes having a conversation with an orangutan.  He seemed happy to swing and show off for us and press himself up against the glass so we could see him chomping on a cucumber.  I gazed into his eyes and wondered if there was any sort of intelligent thought going on in there.  His eyes are so human it’s hard not to think so.

After a couple of hours Harry was pooped so Dear Husband took him home while Addison and I walked next door to the Science Museum.

Addison could have spent all afternoon here but I was getting tired.

After dinner Dear Husband took Addison to Westwood Pool.  Today was the day for the high dive.  He could feel it in his bones.

He did it!

Nice moves!

This summer…high dives.  Next summer…who knows!

Tomorrow the adventure continues.

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