I think s’mores may be one of my favorite desserts. Probably because it involves an open flame and smelling like a camp fire when it’s all said and done.

Back in March we were having what felt like a summer day that turned into a beautiful summer evening. I planted herbs in my little garden, we ate dinner outside on the picnic table and the boys were playing in the yard. It just felt right…time to bust out the marshmallows.

I’m about to reveal to you the secret to the perfect s’more so pay attention.

First, set everything out ready for assembly. You don’t want a marshmallow hanging off the end of your stick and you fumbling with the graham cracker package. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. The mallow will fall in the dirt, you’ll cus the kids will be crying. Let’s avoid that.

Next, put TWO mallows on your stick. Now, figure out a way to either balance your chocolate square on your stick or find a place close to the fire where the chocolate can get a little soft but not melted.

How well done the mallow is cooked is personal preference. Some like to set them afire and have a nice char while others carefully hover theirs above the fire to give a nice golden brown. I like it both ways, it just depends what kind of mood I’m in.

Once you get your mallow just right immediately assemble the sandwich. Graham, marshmallow, chocolate, marshmallow, graham.


Summer…bring it.

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