March Recipe Archaeology Update

recipe archaeology

This little YouTube/cooking/retro recipe experiment is slowly making unfolding and teaching me new things. Recipe Archaeology has been somewhat of a wild and unpredictable ride. At each turn we are learning something new; how to edit videos, how terrible videos look without proper lighting, how difficult it is for two busy people to block of an entire day to cook, how to grow a YouTube channel, and how validating it feels when friends and strangers tell you how happy your videos make them.

I’ve mentioned this before but, as a reminder, Christine and I would like to find a way to make this hobby financially sustainable. Personally, I have done some soul-searching; asking if I’m doing the right thing or if I have my sights set too high. Not long after I petitioned my creator about my creative outlet three different people (two strangers and one friend) gave us money to help with our expenses. No strings attached. Just wanted to help us make more videos.

What the what?

My initial reaction was why would anyone want to give us their money? Then I was like what is wrong with you, you idiot? You have been asking people to support you for via patreon for months. Then I started to question if this was the answer I was looking for. Then I face palmed and said why do you have to make everything so hard? You asked what the next right thing should be and what direction you should go and then received a clear answer. Why are you questioning this?

This is just a small sampling of the internal dialog that happens in my head on a regular basis. Awesome.

I have more thoughts on my response to these gifts, but that is for another post.

Suffice it to say, I’m humbled that someone would want to give us their hard-earned cash to support the show. Clearly they want to see more harrowing retro recipe combinations like V-8 juice and sherbet.

If you have been following our retro recipe adventures and get a kick out of it, would you do me a solid? Subscribe on YouTube and share the fun with friends. You have no idea how much we love it when we find out people other than ourselves and Christine’s mom are sharing the show.

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