Love Birds Fabric Mosaic Craft

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What do you do when you love eclectic art but don’t want to pay gallery prices?  Take yourself to the craft store.  I was so happy with my owl mosaic craft that I decided to make another one to fill a blank wall in our bedroom.

blank wall

Blegh, I can’t stand blank walls.  For six years I’ve been seeing this wall as I fall asleep every night and wondering what and when we could get something to fill the space.  Art is very personal so just any old “starving artist” art sale would not cut it.  The fabric mosaic turned out so easy, fun and affordable I decided to do a family portrait.

love birds mosaic

Taa-daa!  Art in two days.  My mom seems to think that I should make a bunch of these and sell them.  Hummm, Etsy shop?

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