Winter White Feather Wreath

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It’s been about 3 minutes since my last post about wreaths.  I say we’re due for another one.

Just today I finally got around to putting up a winter wreath on my front door. *gasp* I’ve been busy.

Last year I made this green and gold wreath and to tell you the truth I was never very crazy about it.  This year I tossed the gold laurel-looking-leaves, spray painted the wreath white and headed out to Hobby Lobby for a feather boa.


Grapevine wreath
White spray paint
2 white feather boas
White pipe cleaners

I thought I could save a few bucks by getting the small 3 oz. spray paint.  Fail.  I had to go back for another can.  If you are going to do this then just spring for the large spray paint can.  You really want to get paint in all the nooks and crannies of the wreath.  I even painted the back side just to make sure there wasn’t any color coming through should someone look at it from a weird angle.

While that is drying get the feather boas out and grab the toddler.  Who could resist a photo op of a toddler in a feather boa?

What the heck – I’m trying to watch Max & Ruby


Okay – I’m done.  Get this thing off me.

Back to the wreath.

Secure the boa to the wreath with white pipe cleaners and voila.  A wreath that Liberace would have been proud to hang on his front door.

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