Rubber Band Easter Eggs

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Happy Easter!

I hope you’re not still looking for crafty Easter egg ideas because if you are then you are an even bigger procrastinator than me. The time to dye eggs is past but if I wait to post these fun eggs until next year it won’t happen because I’ll forget all about it and post about some other fun, crafty egg dying project. The time for rubber band easter eggs is now.

Here are three simple steps to making these rubber band easter eggs.

1. Die eggs

Oooooooo, pretty

2. Tie rubber bands around eggs and die in a different color

3. Let eggs dry then take rubber bands off and voila!

How easy was that?! I’m using my eggs on my dining table to indicate seat assignments. I dug these stickers out of my scrapbooking bag. If you don’t have stickers then a sharpie or chalk would work too.

Seriously, how cute is that?

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