Is anybody home?

It’s been almost one entire week since I’ve posted anything.  I have no idea if anybody has noticed my absence but for me it feels like a REALLY long time.  I have missed it but my life for the past week has been a little…unusual.  Recipes, crafts, wreaths, thoughts on my spiritual journey and spiritual thoughts regarding wreaths are getting back logged but there hasn’t been any time to chronicle all of it.

Anyhoo – if anybody out in bloggyland cares – I will be back at it soon.

Until then…Happy Halloween

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  1. Margi

    Team Millunzi was thinking of you last night… and missing you big time. It was strange not to be in Norman for Halloween this year. Will send pics of The Stig and Hulk soon. Now… what to do with a glut of candy that these kids really don’t need??

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