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Some people are blessed with a green thumb.  I am not one of those people although I wish I were and every year give it my best shot.  Sort of.  So far I’ve been able to grow a small herb garden but that’s about it and that’s not saying much because it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to grow a few green leaves.   Every year I think, “this is it. This year I’m going to grow a real garden and have a bumper crop of squash and bell peppers.”  Not so much.

My mom on the other hand, has two green thumbs.

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  1. Kathryn Green

    This is quite a compliment but I can’t take all the credit. If you have great well water, good amended soil, and a yardman you can accomplish anything, even in the 102-107 degree summer temperatures well over 40 days here in the panhandle. Thanks, honey, for the compliment.


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