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This is our beloved, family cat Shashu. He has also become our beloved, family money pit.

About a year ago the friendliest cat on earth showed up on our back porch. He must have sensed there was a cat lover residing within because he turned on the charm. All you had to do was look at him and he would start purring. Harry could yank his tale and not a peep would be heard. After I exhausted my efforts in trying to find his owners (emailing our HOA) it looked like we had a new pet.

Dear Husband is allergic to cats so Shashu was an outside cat. I say “was” because he has been slowly making his move indoors.

When he became ours I took him to the vet as any responsible pet owner should do. Shots, flea/tick medicine and exam and I dropped $200 easy. Yikes. Well, that’s just a one time thing. Right?

This past winter Shashu lived in the garage and did his family duty by killing a few mice and leaving them right on the mat by the door into the house. I was proud of him plus pretty grossed out by the half eaten mice but mouse hunting comes with a price. During snowmageddon 2011 Shashu spent a lovely time inside and I noticed that he had worms. Yuck. Back to the vet we go. The vet said he had lost weight since last time so we did some blood work to see what’s up. De-worm pill, exam, blood work, antibiotic, cat food and an hour later and I’ve dropped somewhere between $250 and $300. Gulp.

Last week we go in for his quarterly de-worm pill and I need to get another 6 month supply of flea/tick meds. I mention that he seems to have an eye infection and has not been himself lately. Guess what? Exam, de-worm pill, flea/tick medicine, antibiotic and I’ve spent another $175.

We got home and I have him his flea/tick medicine (cuz’ it was time). Less than an hour later is one sick kitty. He can’t walk straight, can’t jump up two feet to the bench and can’t go 3 feet without stopping to rest.

This is where he has spent the past week.

Turns out you should not give a cat a de-worm pill AND flea/tick medicine at the same time. Their little liver can’t take it. Would have been nice to know that from someone who knows a lot about animals. A professional, perhaps a veterinarian.

He seems to be coming out of it. But I can already see the handwriting on the wall. More blood work and another round of antibiotics. Meow.

If you’re a pet owner you feel my pain. The love we have for our animals is expensive. If you are thinking of getting a pet take a moment to consider what you’re getting into. It is a covenant not to be entered into lightly.

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  1. Bridget Todd

    Atleast she doesn’t poop and pee all over the house like our geriatric dog!! I thought about offering the kennel a cool grand to take him off our hands. But, nobody seems to want him… I wonder why?

  2. Lena

    Oh man…I totally feel your pain! When I was on bed rest and we were in the middle of selling, buying, and moving into a house, Toby decided to get deathly ill. The timing is always perfect, ya know? Several thousands of dollars (1 for each finger to be exact) later, we’re still not sure what exactly caused his liver to completely freak out. But, we are sure we would do it again if need be. I mean, who doesn’t love a dog with a tube sticking out of his neck so you can feed him when he refuses to eat?!?!

  3. Linda

    So sorry to hear about this kitty trauma. As a life long believer in pet guardianship you are so correct in the costs involved. HOWEVER….the it’s the payback in companionship that makes it worthwhile. Your kitty looks so much like my Simon. Yeah tabbies!

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