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This past Friday I hung out with the ladies from my church women’s group. Wow, that sounds stuffy but let me assure you this group is anything but. We chowed down on chips, dips, shrimp and lil’ smokies. We went through quite a few bottles of wine and a pitcher of club specials (club special is my new favorite cocktail by the way) and there was pink lemonade for the pregnant lady. Some of these wonderful women were with me on the Mt. Scott excursion. All of these lovely ladies are mommies so of course there was a lot of kid talk but I thought we did a pretty good job of not spending the entire time not discussing our kids and their crazy antics. For your reading pleasure I will try and recap some of the topics covered.

Guns:  One of our adventurous friends recently received her license to carry a concealed weapon and she was pretty excited about it (her husband is a cop). She now has what she calls a baby gun. No, it’s not a gun for babies. It’s a small gun perfect for delicate hands, only holds 5 bullets and I’m sure would fit very nicely into a clutch along with her lip stick, ID, credit card and cell phone. Seriously, what more do you need for a night on the town? No, she was not packing heat that night nor does she feel the need to carry while at church. This led to a brief discussion about why one would need a gun in church. A few weeks ago our Minister mentioned in his sermon a state bill that, if passes, would allow people to carry concealed weapons into their sanctuary. In my opinion this bill is so messed up that I might have to cover it in a later blog. But I digress. I said the only reason I can think that someone would need a gun in church is if they were so moved by the sermon and the Spirit that they shouted out AMEN and fired off a couple of rounds into the air.

Profanity: One of our treasured ladies casually used the “s” word in her conversation. There was a stunned silence in the room. I have no problem using a few choice words when necessary but to hear her use it was a revelation. Turns out she is not morally superior to the rest of us (as my Go Mommy Go friend so eloquently put it) and I think we all felt better to discover that. She has her moments just like the rest of us.

Facebook: This always seems to come up…how to hide unwanted “friends”. You don’t want to un-friend them because you have too many friends in common. And what if they came looking for you and discovered you were no longer friends? Should you act stupid and blame it on some technical glitch? We had a mini tutorial on how to hide people, hide the annoying game posts that pop up every two seconds and how to create groups so you can only post to certain groups of people.

Gardening: One of our dear friends has decided to plant a garden in her front yard. The back yard is out of the question because of her dog. She said running a hacksaw through her Crepe Myrtles was pretty therapeutic and she, quite frankly, could care less what the neighbors think. I like it.

Life before kids: If you hear people say that they just don’t know what they did with their time before kids and can’t remember life B.C. then they are lying. I remember life before children and it was awesome. Don’t get me wrong…I love my two precious boys with all my heart and wouldn’t trade this life for the B.C. life for anything. However, this is life B.C.: We were DINKs (Double Income No Kids) and being DINKs we had the money and freedom to go to the movies at least twice a week and ate out at least three times a week. We hung out with our friends and went to happy hour after work whenever we felt like it. We had weekend getaways just because. We slept in on the weekend. Did you just hear me? We slept in on the weekends.

Bacon: Here is my favorite quote of the night by my lovely neighbor, “bacon is just meat candy”. I’ve never thought of it that way but it’s true! Bacon is meat candy. That led to a discussion about how wonderful bacon is on things that you normally wouldn’t put bacon on. Our dear friend (the front yard gardener) said the best bacon she has ever had is chocolate covered bacon. Take a moment to stop and think about how wonderful that could be. If I’m not mistaken I think she promised to make a batch and bring it to our next girls night.

That is just a small sampling of what we discussed. Did I forget anything?

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  1. Megan Sherrer

    Even more sad that I missed CWF that night…just to stay home with a fever! 🙁 Oh well, we’ll have fun next time.

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