Merry Christmas Card

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Thanks to Shutterfly I saved a considerable amount of cash on my Christmas cards this year compared to other sites. These other sites shall not be named lest they get wind that I’m dissing them on my tiny blog and they put me on some sort of photo card black list.

Stationery card
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How cute is that?! I received the real cards in the mail today.  Looks like there is a lot of envelope licking in my near future.  I think I’ll pair it with nice Pinot Noir.  Wine Enthusiast says that they go very well together.
Shutterfly even has a $10 off coupon on your next order if you share your card on FB or blog just like I’m doing now. How cool is that? So just for showing you my beautiful Christmas card I get $10 off my next order. That will come in handy as I’m sure I’m going to be ordering more Christmas gifts very soon.

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  1. Margi

    We just got your card this weekend and the real deal is so beautiful… what a good-looking bunch. Our fave photo, though, was the one on the back. You need to get that framed! P.S. Perhaps a post on taking family photos would be in order because you have some amazing shots there. How did you get the kids to look so natural? Dominic has entered a phase where all he wants to do is stick out his tongue — not exactly Christmas card material : )

    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      Thanks! I owe it all to our photographer. She was very sweet and very patient. It took us about two hours and more than a couple of bags of fruit snacks. did you see the family photos post w/ a whole bunch of pics from that day? Most of them are action shots b/c the boys just wouldn’t stay in one place…but I didn’t really expect them to.

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