Securing a trampoline to the ground

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You may remember that we got Addison a trampoline for his birthday.  It has been money well spent.  We all love playing on it, it’s great exercise for me and has given us hours of fun family time.  How can I resist “mommy, come jump with me”?  After we’re worn out from jumping then we roll around on it, wrestle, snuggle and watch the clouds and birds overhead.  The benefits definitely outweigh the risks.  I know, I know, there is a risk of someone breaking an arm but there is also a risk of getting in an accident every time I get in the car.  Twisted metal and flammable fluids haven’t stopped us from getting where we need to go.

One risk that we didn’t take very seriously back in October was wind.  We didn’t take any precautions against the wind and found out the hard way what happens when you don’t.

One week before Christmas we experienced very strong winds in the middle of the night.  Nothing new for Oklahoma.  The next morning Addison looked out his window, ran outside, ran inside to announce that the trampoline was gone.  Upon my panicked inspection I found that the trampoline flew clean over the fence and across the street.


trampoline 2

You’ll be happy to know that the fence was in no way harmed during the trampoline’s flight pattern.

Dear Husband and I were pretty upset as we thought our brand new trampoline was ruined.  Thankfully we were able to get it back into the yard (thanks to his co-workers) and bend it back into shape.

After a month of debate and google searches for ways to secure a trampoline we finally settled on the type of stake that you have to twist into the ground.  We initially thought the pet store was the best place to go to find a large dog, corkscrew style stake.  We found what we were looking for but each stake was over $20 and we wanted 5 of them.  A quick stop a the hardware store and we discovered a similar iron stake that was less than $5.  Bingo.

trampoline stakeWe (and by “we” I mean Dear Husband) weren’t sure the best way to secure the stake to the legs of the trampoline so we decided to try two methods.  I’ll let you know which works better in about two months when tornado season is upon us.

trampoline chain

trampoline chain

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  1. Judy

    The chain is more than likely not a strong enough gauge — but that’s just my opinion. When all else fails, the best person to ask is Fred Martin. Good stakes at a good price though!

  2. Chris Carter

    Oh my… I can’t BELIEVE it flew that far!!!! WOW! Good job securing it. Glad no little one was in the path of the flying trampoline! 😉

  3. Nichole

    Which way worked the best? We just got the kids a big trampoline for Christmas, and the winds are strong here, not tornado strong, but strong enough to push it all the way across the yard!

    • Stephanie Clinton

      They have both worked great. We have had the trampoline secured to the ground for three years and been through several tornadoes and big wind storms and so far it hasn’t budged. (knock on wood). Have fun with your new trampoline!

  4. Terry

    Any suggestions for the mountains in Colorado? I doubt I can screw that thing in the ground here.


    Mine literally flew over my 2 story house, into the middle of the road in front of our house, not one thing was damaged except the trampoline the metal poles were all mangled, thank God sams club said bring it in and we will even exchange it. So were trying to figure the best way to secure it this might be a good way and quikctrete

  6. Robert

    Thanks, I will be doing this tomorrow as we are a 30-second walk to the ocean and here in Newfoundland Canada we get lots of winds. If it blows in the ocean its gone for good.

  7. Diana

    My trampoline disappeared one night. We had an unexpected wind storm. We had talked about securing it, but were always moving it to mow. Had decided to put it in one place and mulch under but didn’t do that soon enough. We found it in a field behind the house. Just glad it didn’t do any damage to the neighbors. It is ok, but needs some poles replaced because of being all bent up. I do suggest whatever type of anchor is used it should be attached to the top not the bottom. All of our bottom leg pieces came off of ours. We will be anchoring to the top where the springs are attached.

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