My encounter with The Batman

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Long ago in a land far, far away there was a girl who had a career.  Okay, actually it was about 2002 and it was in Los Angeles, CA. Dear Husband and I were living life large in B.C. (Before Children).  It was a time where we went to the movies and ate out often.  It was a time when I wore Guess slacks, Ann Taylor sweater sets and high heals.  A time when I had Starbucks every morning, Coffee Bean in the afternoon and lunched at trendy cafes in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

One particular afternoon my boss and I were having lunch at a trendy cafe in Santa Monica on 17th Street.  (We were too good for Santa Monica Blvd. That’s where the tourists go.)  We had a great lunch and as we were getting up to go my boss mentions to me that Michael Keaton is just a few tables behind me.  I turn around and what do you know, right there in front of me is Michael Keaton.  Because of the way the tables were set up I had to walk directly towards him to leave the restaurant.  I put on my most “I could care less that a huge celebrity is right here” face (because that’s what you do in L.A. God forbid you actually get excited and make a fool of yourself) and start walking.  I look directly at him and just at that same moment he looks up at me.  For one brief moment our eyes lock.  Everything else faded away and for a slice of time it was just me and Michael in the restaurant.  Something unspoken yet magical passed between us and then just as quickly as it started our moment ended.  I made a right turn and headed out the door.

Out on the side walk in the harsh reality of the afternoon sun I stopped to catch my breath.  The first thing out of my mouth…”That…was Batman

Dear Husband likes to tease me that Michael Keaton is my celebrity boyfriend and also likes to give me a hard time that Batman was the first thing that came to mind on that sunny Santa Monica day.  Some of Dear Husband’s favorite movies star Michael Keaton; Mr. Mom & Multiplicity, just to name a couple.  Christian Bale was an amazing Batman but my first impressionable introduction to Batman was in 1989 and for me Michael Keaton will forever be the most eligible bachelor, Bruce Wayne.

Michael has moved on to voice overs for Pixar and I have moved on to family life in Oklahoma.  But we will always have the 17th St. Cafe.

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  1. Caron Babcock

    Stephanie – you are so stinking talented – this should be published- in the newspaper – or Reader’s Digest!!! Really! Soooo entertaining and well written!
    It was really fun and special to be with you all the other night to honor and celebrate your wonderful Mom. Loved every minute of it all!

  2. erinnicolemould

    Found you on SITS! This is a great story. My husband enjoys teasing me as well 🙂

  3. secretsofamomaholic (@secretsofamom)

    Love this post!
    Who doesn’t love a celebrity sighting?

    I live in NY and am often in the presence of a higher celebrity god-but never realize it…whoever I’m with will point it out when it’s too late to oooohhh and ahhhhh over them!

    I was however a few seats away from Drea De Matteo at a Yo Gabba Gabba concert. She did the dancey dance! She was really friendly!

    I love seeing that they aren’t as perfect as we think and are often 5 feet tall!

    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      I would often pass by celebrities and not notice until a friend would point them out. And you’re right – a lot of them are really short! Thanks for reading.

  4. triciaraisinghumans

    Awesome story! I’m not sure I’d ever make it in LA, I’d so want to go crazy over celebrities 🙂

    Happy SITS day!

  5. Cynthia M

    Congratulations on making it out the door before lapsing into fan-crushdom. If I had made eye contact, I’m not sure my feet would have kept on moving.

  6. Cynthia M

    Congratulations on making it out of the restaurant before lapsing into fan-crushdom. If I had made eye contact, I’m not sure my feet would have kept moving.

  7. susanintheboonies

    He misses you. There is not a doubt in my mind.

  8. Jen

    How awesome. I probably would have fallen on my face since I am the most uncoordinated person on the planet especially around cute guys.

  9. Jen

    I don’t know if my other comment worked so just in case… happy SITS day.

  10. Ilene

    I love writing about my “past life” on my blog as well! Although like you, could love love anything more than being a mom. Happy SITS day!

  11. Student Mom

    Came from SITS. Our celebs here in SA are… less awe inspiring. We barely recognise them in the streets. Michael should consider himself lucky.

  12. homejobsbymom

    Great story! I’ve never seen a celeb in person other than sports players.

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