Five Minute Friday: Motivate

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The first Five Minute Friday writing inspiration word is very appropriate for the start of a new year: Motivate. What a perfect word to meditate on as I begin my 2018 goals.

Five minutes are on the iPhone timer…START!

When I think about what motivates me to start something, complete something, or really put my mind to something; I realize that it needs to be a clear and attainable goal, it needs to be something that I know I’m good at or can accomplish, and the end result needs to have met a need. That need could be clearly helping others, my community, or simply bringing joy and beauty to my life or the lives of those it will come in contact with.

I think that is why I volunteer so much. I know that I can make a difference and I’m motivated by that. I’m also motivated by beauty and creativity. So, cooking, crafts, and writing fit that bill.

Now, the real question is how to motivate a 13-year-old who has a serious case of inattentive and just doesn’t really care about getting things done in general. When money, negative consequences or even positive consequences don’t work the subject of motivation becomes very difficult. Slowly, we are beginning to discover that possibly motivation and incentives are not currently wired into his brain.


What motivates you?

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  1. Love how you can pull off a post in five minutes, Stephanie! I’m motivated by anxiety a lot- it pushes me to get things DONE, so I do or I can’t rest in peace. It’s a good thing in that I well, get things done! It’s a bad thing because man, I covet those people who can stop and rest and let things go. I’m working on it and doing better as I get older. I think your body starts to say “Um, yeah no. You can’t pull that crap anymore. I will drop and shut down no matter how hard you try to fight me.” LOL

    But I’m also motivated by people- by meeting their needs, whether that be friends, kids, my mom, my husband and even strangers. THAT is a natural instinct of motivation that drives me more than anything else.

    • Stephanie Clinton

      It really does feel good to get something done and not have that deadline or obligation looming over your head anymore. I agree w/ you about people…it feels good to take care of the people who matter most.

  2. Ah – I think that is just a 13year old glitch! 😉 Praying for creative ways to find and stir up some motivation! There’s something… there is always something! (Often times, when the Go-To’s won’t work… it’s crazy what you uncover that actually does the trick!)

  3. Oh motivating a 13-year-old is tough!
    Myself, I am motivated by the results I hope to see. I have a few larger goals this year, and baby steps to get there.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Visiting from FMF #68

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