Five Minute Friday – Collect

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Another Friday and another five minutes to do a brain dump. This weeks prompt is Collect. Specifically, what do I collect as a writer?

Starting the timer….NOW!

five minute friday collect

The first thing that came to my mind when I asked myself what I collect as a writer was washi tape. And then I was all…that sounds really stupid. So I thought a little deeper and I realized that over the past six years I have collected writer friends.

Blogging can be a lonely endeavor so it’s important to find people who get you and who you trust. Over time I have come to know women across the country and in my own back yard who have the same passion and weird quirks that I do when it comes to writing and blogging. 

I love these women and what each one of them brings to my life. I know that I could call on any one of them for advice or to read something I’ve written or to listen to my fears and frustrations. Mari and Marisa have been amazing local women who have been with me through thick and thin with the Oklahoma Women Bloggers and are always up for a long talk over coffee. Chris is a wise, wise momma who I have gotten to know over the years. Heather is hilarious and open about her own struggles and loves food. We share the same wicked sense of humor. Katy and Jenny are newer friends who I recently had the pleasure of meeting in person. I had a sneaking suspicion that I would like them and that we could get along. Then I met them and looked into their eyes and I knew I had found writing kindred spirits. 

Each of these friends brings something beautiful and unique to my collection. 

Times up.

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I know that there are other writers that I love and admire and could call a friend. But alas, the timer on my phone went off and if I’m going to follow the rules I need to stop here. Until next Friday…

What do you collect? 

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  1. Christine Carter

    And to think I have been wanting to come visit you and catch up on your posts- only to find THIS! Oh friend, I am so blessed to know you and grateful we connected in this online world. Our longstanding and enduring friendship is a gift. I’m SO excited that you mentioned me!

    • Stephanie Clinton

      What a coincidence! I’m so grateful to have you along side me in this crazy journey. Thanks for being a compass in this vast writing sea.

  2. Kelly Johnson

    YES!! I totally agree. Writing friends are so important to the process. It sometimes feels like a weird exhibitionist practice to put our words out into the world, yet my writing sisters “get it” in a way other friends, who are equally supportive, just don’t. Keep writing, sister! Your words matter 🙂 <3 #fmfparty

    • Stephanie Clinton

      You are so right, it can seem like a weird exhibitionist practice and sometimes it can feel selfish and self-indulgent. But having friends who understand makes all the difference and help keep me on track and moving toward a higher goal. Thanks for reading!

  3. Liz

    So true about collecting writer friends – especially through Five Minute Friday. (Your neighbour #67)

    • Stephanie Clinton

      Having friends to buoy you along the writing journey is so important. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Mary Hood

    Writer friends…no one local yet I can talk with face to face. Still a bit of a lonely place sometimes, but that’s okay. Love your words. I’m right next to you. Forgot the number. Hopeful waters.

    • Stephanie Clinton

      It took me a while to find local writer friends that I really jived with. I’m sure they are in your area…just hiding (as writers tend to do) In the mean time, lean on your online friends!

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