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This week’s writing prompt from Kate Montaug Five Minute Friday party is CROWD. I’ve missed the past couple of FMF prompts for various reasons…too lazy, afraid I couldn’t come up with something worthwhile to say in five minutes, or possibly I couldn’t even find five minutes to dedicate. However, this morning I have found myself alone in a hotel room in Kansas City and decided to a few minutes of my precious alone time to my neglected writing hobby.

Five minutes are on the timer….GO!

This weekend I attended a networking/learning conference in Kansas City. First of all, anyone with the slightest inclination to being an introvert hates the word “networking”. For an introvert, networking is the work of the devil. People who want other people to attend their event where there will be small talk while awkwardly juggling a glass of wine and tiny plates of food need to come up with a new word.

But I digress. For two and a half days I have found myself in a crowd of people I don’t know. I put my big girl panties on, arranged my face into a pleasant smile that said “I’m interested to meet you and hear what you have to say” even if I didn’t feel that way and made my way through the crowd.

As I was getting ready for the last morning of the conference I realized something. If you want to walk into a crowd with confidence, make sure your hair looks good. Even if it doesn’t actually look good, as long as you feel great about it and are confident in your mop top, working a crowd is easier. I still felt awkward as I tried to make more than small talk (because small talk is also the devil’s invention) but at least I felt like I had one thing going for me.

Yes, that sounds really shallow but its easier to face a crowd with confidence even if that confidence is built on dry shampoo and hairspray.

Time is up!

How do you work a crowd?

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  1. I still dont know how to do that. I tend to hug the edges and wait for someone to look as off_setten as i feel and i talk to that person

  2. There is so much confidence in our appearance. Even dry shampoo and some extra concealer! These works at a conference and simply every day! Glad you pushed yourself to even go….good for you!

  3. I agree with you about small talk and networking! I try to remind myself that several others probably feel the same and look for someone who is by themselves and talk to them.

  4. So much this introvert can relate to – an entertaining read – thank you

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