April Fool’s! It’s Palm Sunday

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A Cheering, Chanting, Dizzy Crowd


A cheering, chanting, dizzy crowd
had stripped the green trees bare,
and hailing Christ as king aloud,
waved branches in the air.


They laid their garments in the road
and spread his path with palms
and vows of lasting love bestowed
with royal hymns and psalms.


When day dimmed down to deepning dark
the crowd began to fade
’til only trampled leaves and bark
were left from the parade.


Lest we be fooled because our hearts
have surged with passing praise,
remind us, God, as this week starts
where Christ has fixed his gaze.


Instead of palms a winding sheet
will have to be unrolled,
a carpet much more fit to greet
the king a cross will hold.


Thomas H. Troeger

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