A Friday List

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Jungle Gym

Today’s list are things I’ve actually said out loud, with a straight face.  More confirmation that living with a 3 year old is like living with a really happy drunk person.  Also, I think you’ll notice a trend.

“Where are your shorts?  You can’t eat breakfast without any clothes on.”

Me:  “No music instruments up your nose.”
Harry: “Only boogers in my nose?”
Me:  “Yes, boogers are the only thing that belongs in your nose.”

“Hands out of your pants please.”

“I need to help you or else you’re going to get pee all over the potty.”

Me:  “Why are you crying?”
Harry:  “Because of the letter Y.”
Me:  “The letter Y made you cry?”
Harry:  “Yeah.”

“That little hole in your underwear is not a pocket for your penis to peek out of.  Keep your penis in your underwear.”

“We’ve already watched Ponyo twice today.  It’s time to switch it up.”

“Please take your underwear off your head.”

“Munchy munch kiss and hug, munchy munch kiss and hug!”

If you understand that last one then you too have watched Ponyo WAY too many times.  Dang that Japanese anime, it’s sucked us in and we’re all hooked.

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