Lemonade Stand Dilema

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Out of the blue Addison wants to set up a lemonade stand (this request happens frequently).  Now, I don’t want to squash my little entrepreneurs hopes and dreams but sitting out in 102 degree heat waiting for a car to drive by (we don’t get a lot of traffic) is not my idea of a good time.  I’ve managed to put him off…for now.

The following conversation took place that brought up the idea of lemonade stands in the first place.

Addison: Mommy, you should never talk to strangers. Right?

Me: Yes, absolutely never talk to strangers.

Addison: Well, what about when a stranger comes to my lemonade stand?

Me: Ummmmm.  I guess it’s ok if you’re with a grown up.  But you should still never talk to strangers.  You wanna a snack?

For your viewing pleasure: Lemonade stands of summer’s past

  1. Russell Barrett

    I like Addison’s business sense. The 25 cent donut is a loss leader to help promote his (more profitable) lemonade production. Excellent marketing technique. Is he taking meetings with possible investers?

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