Oklahoma Football Game Day

If you live in Norman or any College Football Town, USA then this post will be a little “hoe-hum” for you as game day is nothing new.

Game day in a college town is an interesting beast.  People sell parking spots in their front yard for $20 a pop.  Traffic into the town slows to a crawl and major two lane streets running to and from the campus turn into one-way-if-you’re-not-going-to-the-game-you’re-an-idiot-for-driving-on-this-street streets.  The stadium turns into the fifth most populated “city” in the state for the afternoon and the tailgaters are out in full force.

On Sunday we worship the Lord but on Saturday we worship the Sooners.

Two weeks ago I was able to secure a top notch babysitter and Dear Husband and I were finally able to make it out for game day.  If there is anybody out there reading this and you don’t live in a college town, in the south, then I hope you enjoy this pictorial review of the insanity that is college football.

First…Campus Corner.  It’s not actually campus, just across the street.  A quaint little shopping district with boutiques, bars and restaurants.

Would someone tell that girl in the yellow shirt and trendy work out shorts that it’s game day?  Jeez, get with the program.

Let’s move across the street to the campus.  I think it’s fun to watch the band do their pre-game pep concert.  This is not the band’s most flattering side.  Sorry.

The drum line is always my favorite part.  I think I like it the best because there is no way I would ever have enough coordination to play like that.

On to tailgating.  This really intrigues me.  I find it fascinating what people bring out to tailgate.   We’re talking smokers, grills, flat screen TVs plus the dish needed to watch the game.  You name it, they have it. Imagine the work it takes to haul this stuff from your house, set it all up then clean it up and leave the spot as clean as you found it.

This was my favorite thing I saw all day.  Check out this fancy-shmacy grill.  From what I can tell this guy has got a rack of ribs, porter house steak, filet, rib eye and/or t-bone and some sort of bacon wrapped shrimp k-bob.  He is serious about his meat.

Step aside, here comes the Sooner Schooner.  Looks like Boomer and Sooner got a mani/pedi just for the occasion.  Must be nice.

On to the game.  Our seats are pretty high but they could be higher and could be worse.  There isn’t a row behind us, we have chair backs and leg room.  We’re happy with them.

Time for some Instagram…

There’s only ONE…Oklahoma

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  1. Julie

    Love the story your pictures tell; it’s been a while since I was at a college football game but you captured it perfectly! Well, except the colors for me ;>).

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