Oklhaoma Heat Wave

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It’s here…we’ve all been dreading it…praying that maybe, just maybe, this year would be different…Oklahoma heat wave.  The temps are predicted to be over 100 all week long. blegh.  For me that means one thing…time to put up the clothes line.  Actually it’s been up most of June but now is really the time to look on the bright side of 100+ temperatures: hanging clothes outside to dry.  It worked wonderfully last year and so far this month I’ve only had to use my dryer when I’m drying unmentionables.  My back yard is pretty private but if someone was so inclined they could peep through my back hedges and take a look at what I have on my clothes line.  Just the thought of some lookie-loo peeping my families Hanes gives me the creeps…so I don’t put them out there.

I’m counting on this old fashioned method of drying clothes to save me money on my electric bill.  Especially this week.  When temperatures climb, so does the cost of electricity.  Thanks to the OG&E Smart Hours program I know exactly what days and times they are going to be increasing the rates.  I know that sounds really infomercial-ish but it really has helped.

Apparently the thermostat lights up when there is a price increase and we’re in energy savings mode.  It’s getting a little toasty in here but don’t worry, I can lower the temp if I feel like it’s getting too warm.  In the mean time I’m going to conserve my own energy by reading a book.  Now is not the time to be doing housework, people.

Disclosure: I have been blogging about the OG&E SmartHours program because 1) they asked me to and promised an incentive and 2) I’m a little fanatical about saving money on our electric bill.

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  1. Julie

    I think I actually squeaked with shock when I got the text about the “critical rate” yesterday! We spent the afternoon in the shade in our “mini pool”, the hot tub w/ the heater turned off 🙂

  2. christine

    Here in Indiana we are supposed to get our highest temperature ever this week. 100+ is certainly not normal for us. I have been hanging our sheets and blankets on our zip line all spring and summer, but I don’t have a real clothesline for our clothes yet. I love the savings, but even more the crisp outdoor smell when I sleep. Trying to figure out where/how to set one up. Good luck staying cool!

    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      Your zip line! I love it! I just strung a line around the posts on our back porch. I’ve seen a how-to on Martha Stewart’s site but it is more work than I’m willing to put into it.

  3. Katie Kamm

    just found your blog! i live in Ar so we just now got offered the smart hours! we are not locking in tell next month but my hubby wants me to try it the rest of the billing period to see if I can do it! o my lord has it been hard! for one we have a huge house with 2 refrigerators and a deep freeze and a 20,000 gallon pool. so that takes a lot all the time! so the last 2 days we turned the Ac up to 82 and me and the kido spend 5 hours in the pool. However when the hubby gets home at 6:30 he hates it but I will not let him touch it lol! Today it set to 78 I don’t fill like going outside! O and the tv is on so its going to be a little high I think we could live at 80 but it would be miserable when its 107 outside! Over all are yall saving more on the smart hours? Even not keeping it as low has possible

    • Hugs, Kisses and Snot

      Hi Katie – It’s been pretty hot in our house this past week. The thermostat is set at 80 during those peek hours and it gets pretty warm for me but I’m getting used to it. I knock it down a couple of degrees when I can’t take it any more. However, we have already had a few “energy events” where the rate jumped up to .50 per/kwh. Yikes! Our home is a little over 3200 sq/ft and I’m home all day w/ the kids so our tv/wii/computer is in use a lot 🙁 However, last June (which was really hot) our bill was $215. This June we’re on track for $131. So we really are seeing savings. Last July was brutal and our bill was $379. Ahhhhhh! I’m feeling pretty confident that this July the bill will be much better. Our first full month of being on Smart Hours was April. Each month so far has been less $$ than the same month last year.
      Hopefully your husband will be enticed by the potential savings and put up w/ a warm house. I’ll be interested to hear how you guys do.
      Glad you found the blog and thanks for reading!

      • Katie

        well i caved today i turened it up to 80 b/c I got on and my 5 hour was crazy high! right now i am doing math every night to see if the saving are better so far evey day would be about half! i think we are going to get the plan that locks you in with the 27cents no matter what from 2-7 b/c my brother in law already has it and gets a text every day saying its going to be 47 so! yeah last july our bill was almost $500 my goal is for it to be at least $200 less then that if not half would be nice!! with the smart hours I think i could do it!

  4. Bob Blanchette

    I noticed @ 2:03 it’s 77 in your house. Have you tried pre-cooling from 12-2 to help you get through the 2-7 stretch? We drop our thermostat down to 72 in the morning, then turn it up @ 2:00. helps a lot for us, but how well precooling works depends on th house/lifestyle. Precooling seems to be most effective in well insulated homes with high thermal mass.

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