Weekend Recap a Week Late

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a good ol’ fashioned weekend recap.  These photo dumps are mostly for the benefit for my parents, in-laws, relatives and friends who like keeping up w/ our little adventures or those who have nothing better to do than scroll through.  For whatever reason you’re here, bless you.

Last weekend Addison went on a little overnight trip with the grandparents and their friends to Lake Texoma doing stuff like this…

Lake Texoma

and this…


and this…

tree house

I know! Right?

They spent the night in the tree house with the other boy’s grandpa.  As Opie Taylor likes to say…it was adventure sleepin’.

While Addison was off having adventures and finding fossils we took Harry to the annual Tough-a-Truck.

Touch a Truck

Touch a Truck


Tough a Truck


Tough-A-Truck recap: cold and loud.  Man, I sound old.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing yard work.  It was a potpourri of weekend chores; cleaning up sticks, planing flowers, admiring Harry’s new sandals, looking for lady bugs, being cute, planing a new rose bush, praying over the fig tree that it would survive the random cold snaps we’ve had this spring.  The temperature dropped to 34 degrees 3 separate times since Easter.  I’ll be amazed if the rose bush and the fig make it past May.

spring gardening

spring gardening

lady bugs



Mommy and Harry

Little boy sandals

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