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Say “hello” to Scissortail School of Art.  Lindsey Martin opened this fun and laid back art school for children ages 2 – grade school this past summer.  It is located on Main St. in downtown Norman.  She recently moved her studio to 123 E. Main St., Suite 2.  Climbing the stairs to her studio you see the exposed brick from the old part of the building giving it a very artsy and urban feel.

Both boys participated in her classes and both boys LOVED it.  The class for Harry’s age is a “mommy and me” style class.  Harry and I painted with bubble paint and water color.  We made a trick or treat bag and a color palate.  We worked with stamps, clay and drew in his “journal” and that’s just to name a few.  Now every time we pass it in the car he points and yells out “at cass!”  That’s Harry for “art class”.

This is Harry’s wall of art and his trick or treat bag that he “made”.  Actually I made it but he played a key part in helping put the glue in the right spots.

Addison took an after school class on Tuesday and Thursday.  It was a one hour drop off class.  I think he liked the fact that he was being dropped off and got to do something all on his own.  The projects are very arts and crafts style and Lindsey loves to up-cycle using materials you wouldn’t normally think of as art.  Addison’s favorite project was a small dome that he glued small treasures inside.  They also made paper and then turned his homemade paper into art and sculpture.  They even screen printed their own original designs onto a t-shirt!  Each week he came home with really creative, original projects that we proudly display all over the house.  He can’t wait to go back.

Scissortail is the perfect first art class for any budding artist.  Contact her at 405-637-9033 or check her out on Facebook for her class schedules and prices.

If you decide to go please let her know that I sent you.  Referrals are rewarded!

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