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‘Tis the season for toy shopping.

Addison has fallen in love with Hexbugs Nano.  In the past we have had some Hexbugs (robotic cockroaches, spiders and various other insects).  On their own they are just okay.

Leading up to his birthday he received and since collected a small city of Hexbug Nano Habitat sets.  The Hexbug Nano are tiny Hexbugs, about an inch and a half long with rubbery centipede type legs.  They get around by vibrating and their little rubber legs propel them quickly around a hard surface.  Again, like the larger Hexbugs, on their own they are just okay.  But put them into their little habitat and they come alive.

The great thing about the habitat sets is that the roads can be taken apart and reconfigured in endless possibilities.  Addison’s favorite part is taking it all apart and discovering new ways to build their little roads.

These hexagon shaped interchanges have little doors that allow the bugs to pass through to continue on their path.  The builder opens or closes the doors to let the bugs pass through to other roads.  When they are in the hexagon they bump around the sides until they find an opening.  It’s pretty amazing to watch them find the openings and continue on their way.

One of the sets is called a Nano Hive.  It’s a two story little playground for the bugs to go up and down ramps, across a bridge, around merry-go-rounds and something that looks sort of like a teeter totter.  I have to admit that watching these little bugs zoom around the hive I started to feel like they had a mind of their own.  They seem to know where they are going.

Building and rebuilding this Hexbug city has provided hours of fun and strengthens problem solving skills.  I love it because this toy stays at Grandmommy’s house so I don’t have to deal with it.  We’ve got enough of a toy explosion going on here without adding another play set.

My son is 7 and this is very age appropriate for him.  I can see a 6 year old enjoying it but 5 may be pushing it as far as putting the roads together without too much frustration.  I would rate this toy for ages 6 and up.  Hexbugs Nano Habitat gets an A+ from both kid and mommy.

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