Give a boy a box

Isn’t it amazing how much kids love empty boxes?  You can spend tons of money on the latest thing-a-ma-gigger 2000 but they are more interested in the box.

Last week my M-in-L bought two new pool lounge chairs and gifted Addison the boxes they came in.

Saturday afternoon I came home from a much needed pedicure to find this…

Cardboard fort complete with banner, mail box and two entrances.  A big one for big brother and a small one for little brother.

Addison made Harry a little book so he could have something for the mailbox.  Harry would put it in the mailbox then immediately take it and out and exclaim “look! I got mail!”  This happened repeatedly until the mailbox fell off, to Addison’s frustration.

Sunday night Addison wanted to sleep in his fort.  Who am I to deny the summer time wishes of a 7 year old boy?

This lasted for all about 5 minutes.  He then decided it was too hot and cramped and headed back to his room.

I wonder how long this cardboard fort is going to grace my living room?

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  1. Sharon

    That’s got to be the cutest thing you got to love them i love how they have it set up so nice that made my day thank you for that

  2. Bridget Todd

    We did this with the washing machine box when we were kids. I’m sure it drove mom crazy!

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