Soooooo easy DIY snow man wreath

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DIY snow man wreath

My sweet friend who was due to have her baby in December (she had a precious baby boy, 8 lb 7 oz) found this snow man wreath on Pinterest a while ago.  She didn’t want to do the spray painting so she asked if I would be her wreath making slave for the day.  Of course!

You won’t believe how easy this DIY snow man wreath was.  Start to finish it was about an hour (if you don’t follow the directions on the spray paint can on how long to let it dry).



3 wreaths…small, medium & large
white pipe cleaners
red felt
stiff black felt
white spray paint
embellishments: fake greenery, bells, etc.

1.  Spray paint wreaths.  Wait about 15 minutes in between coats.  They are dry to touch after about 30 minutes.

2.  Cut red felt into a 6 x 36 scarf.  Cut black felt into the shape of a top hat.  The black felt I found was stiff and had sticky backing.  I bought two sheets and stuck them together to make my hat nice and stiff.  I don’t want that hat flopping around.

3.  Using white pipe cleaners connect the wreaths to each other to create the snow man shape.



4.  Tie scarf around his neck, hot glue hat to his head and add greenery and bells.

Done and done!



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  1. I absolutely love your wreath snowman! He’s simple elegant. Thanks so much for sharing this at our Winter Wonders and Holiday Happenings link party.
    Tuula 🙂

  2. OMGOSH!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Gonna try to make one… thanks for the idea!

  3. Totally going to make this one next year!

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