Simple Skirt Sewing Project Completed

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easy sew skirt

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!  I did it!  I actually did it!  I made a skirt all by myself by following a pattern!

In case you haven’t noticed I’m a wee bit excited about this because…I ain’t got no time for patterns.  There’s all that reading and cutting and pinning and cutting and pinning and reading.  Blegh.  I’m more of a “pin some fabric together in a random way and hope for the best” kinda gal.

However, the other day when I was getting fabric remnants to make my fabric mosaic owl I saw the cutest fabric and knew I had to make something with it.  This skirt should take a normal person two hours, tops, to make.  I’m not a normal person.  I always make things harder on myself and I started by choosing a fabric that wasn’t a normal length.  Since it was in the remnant section I had to buy several pieces of it and find coordinating fabric just so I could have enough fabric to make one little skirt.  Thankfully I didn’t sabotage myself completely and found a really easy pattern to follow.

I’ve always heard that the sizes in a sewing pattern do not match up to the size you would normally wear.  I measured my waist and hips to see what size pattern I should cut out.  I swear it told me I was a size 12.  The patron saint of sewing must have taken pity on me because I didn’t have enough fabric to cut out the size 12 pattern thanks to my patchwork job.  I only had enough fabric to cut out size 8.  This still isn’t my size but I told myself that it would be okay because pattern sizes run bigger than normal sizes…right?

What should have taken me about 2 hours took me 3 days.  In my defense I was interrupted by little boys and the 4th of July holiday.  Also, it took me about 5 hours to figure out what the hell these instructions meant.

sewing instructions

I had to seek help from my jill-of-all-traits friend who actually has her own line of super cute children’s clothing.  I didn’t even know what a basting stitch was and decided to forget about it based on her advice.

With every stitch I knew I was getting closer to success until finally I had a completed skirt.  I even lined it and made a matching headband.  I must say, I’m pretty amazed that this looks as good as it does.  I even got two compliments when I wore it out the other day and one of them involved the word “Anthropology”.

Easy sew skirt

easy sew skirt

easy sew skirt

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